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Birds enrich our lives and make us happy!  Even a small urban yard becomes a soothing soundscape when songbirds serenade us.  We marvel when birds ride the airwaves and flash their fanciful feathers for us.

 Putting bird feeders in your yard is a simple and economical way to draw more birds in and enjoy them up close and personal every day from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

What are the Best Bird Feeders?

The best bird feeders won’t just attract more birds to your yard. The best bird feeders will also entice a greater DIVERSITY of birds in all shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. 

As your yard becomes a magnet for birds, by strategic placement of your bird feeders, you’ll be given a window into the fascinating world of bird behavior.  

You’ll be able to take note of the different birds hat arrive as the seasons change.  

Your bird feeders will bring you so close to birds, you’ll be able to snap vivid pictures of their beautiful plumage using an ordinary cellphone — share with your friends — tweet a tweet!

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There are thousands of bird feeders on the market so how do you know which one to buy? Don’t worry. We have you covered.

The following are candid reviews of five of the best bird feeders on the market, all with an excellent price point. If you’ve been looking for the best bird feeder for your yard, you’ll likely find it on this list.

1. The Best Bird Feeder For Mixed Bird Seed

Let us introduce you to the Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder (Mixed Seed Sunflower Heart Version). If you’ve been searching for a solution on how to keep squirrels and big messy crows off your bird feeder, you’re going to love how this feeder is designed. The Roamwild bird feeder is one of the best bird feeders on the market and one of the most popular choices of all the bird feeders sold on Amazon. 

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The key feature to why this bird feeder is so popular, and works so well, are the spring action mechanisms on each individual feeding port that automatically closes off access to squirrels and other rodents — and if you happen to have a raccoon problem, these spring action ports work like a charm on these pesky bandits too. While there are other bird feeders with weight activated feeding ports on the market, this one is a real standout because there is a spring action mechanism that works on the level of EACH INDIVIDUAL FEEDING PORT.

The feeding ports on other feeders will sometimes close if too many small birds land on the feeder because the combined weight triggers the closure of the ports just like a weight of one heavy squirrel would trigger it. With the spring action mechanism located on each individual feeding port, however, this is no longer a problem. The weight of the bird at that one port is the only things that affects whether or not it is closed.  So, when spring migration comes around, and whole flocks of beautiful songbirds pass through, you’ll have the busiest bird feeder in the neighborhood! Get ready to be descended upon by goldfinches and warblers. Woo hoo!

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Beyond the carefully designed weight activated feeding ports, the overall design of this Roamwild bird feeder is exceptional. There is a substantial weather guard on top that keeps the seed nice and dry so it doesn’t clog the feeding ports. This is a common problem reported for many feeders, especially ones that close and open in response to weight. This feeder works so well as a deterrent to squirrels, chipmunks, and large birds, the product comes with a “Roamwild PestOff Warranty.” In other words, if it doesn’t work, you can send it back and get your money back.

The design of some bird feeders make it so complicated to add food that it seems like working one of those Chinese puzzles psychologists give kids to test their IQ. It should not be this complicated just to add seed to your bird feeder! With this feeder, the process of adding seed is very simple. All you need to do is lift the weather guard up the hanging wire and pour the seed into the wide diameter top. The opening is extra wide because this bird feeder also comes with an extra large three pound capacity for bird seed.

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2. The Best Bird Feeder For Finches

Do you admire brightly colored finches with their zipping flashes of yellow, orange, and rosy pink? The most dependable way to attract finches to your yard is to provide them with a constant supply of black nyjer seed (thistle seed) because nyjer is irresistible to finches. It’s like leaving cookies out for Santa. Nyjer seed is small and shaped like long rice grains so it takes a special bird feeder with special ports to deliver it. The best bird feeder for finches is the Squirrel Buster Finch Bird Feeder by Brome.

The Brome finch bird feeder has a patented seed tube ventilation system that raps in solar heat and keeps the nyjer seed extra dry and fresh. This is a huge advantage for attracting finches because finches are extra finicky about what seed they eat. Basically, the fresher your nyjer seed is, the more success you’ll have attracting finches to your yard. If there’s even a hint of mold on your seed, most finches will pass it by. Keeping your nyjer seed extra dry also means you don’t have to refill your bird feeder as often.

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The Brome finch bird feeder comes with four perches and eight ports. It’s designed to be easy to fill and holds 2.4 pounds of nyjer seed. The surrounding metal cage makes it tough for squirrels and other rodents to gain access to your valuable nyjer seed (this is the most expensive bird seed), saving you money and leaving it all for your lovely finches. Plus, the nyjer ports are automatically closed if a squirrel climbs on the feeder. For additional protection, all the parts are completely chew proof even by sharp rodent teeth and Brome backs this up with a lifetime guarantee. This is a company that manufacturers some of the best bird feeders and they stand by their products.

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Did You Know?

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in America.  According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), one in five Americans enjoy watching birds in their yard.  How do they know? The FWS conducted an extensive survey on the bird watching habits of Americans back in 2011.

Whether you’re a bird nerd who knows the name of every bird that lands on your bird feeder or just a casual bird observer while you sip your morning joe, there’s something intrinsically gratifying about sharing a story about the really cool bird you saw in your yard.

3. The Best Birdfeeder For a Low Price

This is another real standout bird feeder manufactured by Brome. It has a rugged design and is ready for up to 1.3 pounds of mixed bird seed or black oil sunflower seed that will attract a wide variety of exciting songbird species including chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows, buntings, blue-jays, and finches.

The design on this Brome bird feeder is about as rugged and solid as it gets. If you want a bird feeder that will last more than a decade, through all kinds of weather, and all kinds of attempted rodent attacks, this is the little bird feeder that could — and all at a very low price point given the quality.

This bird feeder also sports the patented Brome Seed Ventilation System that will keep your seed extra dry and fresh, just like what is found in the Brome finch feeder reviewed above. Here’s the best part. This bird feeder is so good at keeping the squirrels at bay, people actually get a kick out of watching them try and fail. No more need for capsaicin pepper coated bird seed, which any veteran backyard birdwatcher will tell you, that’s just a myth, it doesn’t actually work! Mechanical barriers are far better.

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When it comes time for a thorough cleaning, this Brome bird feeder is designed to be easily taken apart. It’s stainless steel parts go well in the dishwasher at very high temperatures and it comes out looking sparkling new. This feeder has also been designed to be equally easy to fill with seed.

There is one minor downside to this bird feeder. The ports are rather small. So, if you into larger birds like Stellar Jays and Blue Jays, you may want to pay a bit more and get one of the larger bird feeders on this list. However, for most songbirds, this feeder will work just fine.

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4. The Best Motorized Bird Feeder & the Best Bird Feeder For Really Active Yards

Let us introduce you to the Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder called the Yankee Whipper. Love the name, “Yankee Whipper,” and in this case, a thieving squirrel or thieving rat, is the Yankee to be “whipped!” LOL If your top priority in selection of a bird feeder is “how to keep squirrels off a bird feeder,” then this may be the best choice for you. Here’s why:

This unique bird feeder features a large perch ring that remains stationary for cute little songbirds. However, when squirrels, and other big rodents, attempt to climb on the perch ring starts to spin and “whips” them off the feeder in a hurry. It doesn’t hurt the critter as squirrels and other rodents are quite acrobatic but it does get them off your bird feeder in a hurry. Since rodents are highly intelligent creatures with a long memory, the spinning perch ring also discourages them from coming back.

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Another advantage of this particular bird feeder is its very large seed capacity of five pounds. If you have a yard with a lot of birds, having a large communal perch, combined with an extra large capacity for bird seed, and an amazing squirrel deterrent, may be the best bird feeder for you. The designers on this bird feeder also added an extra heavy lid that squirrels can’t possibly lift, even if your specific pesky squirrel happens to be the weight lifting champion for his species. The UV-stabilized poly-carbonate construction also makes this bird feeder extra durable.

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5. Best Bird Feeder For Cardinals

Let us introduce you to the B-7 Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perches by BestNest.

Cardinals are gorgeous birds. If you are looking for the best information on how to attract cardinals to your yard, you just found it — Eureka! At first glance, this tube feeder might look ordinary. However, it comes with optional larger ring perches that you can place over the regular perches to make the perch more accommodating for cardinals.

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This bird feeder also comes with a free identification guide to help you learn a bit about the birds coming to your feeder. This bird feeder would make a great gift for anyone you know who loves the sight of a bright red cardinal on a gray winter day and is just starting to learn about other birds.

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​Additional Advice About the Best Bird Feeders and Backyard Birding

Not only do squirrels, chipmunks, and other furry thieves steal your birdseed, they tend to be messy and wasteful when they rob you. As the seed piles up on the ground below the feeder, this will attract rats to your yard and other unwanted vermin like raccoons. Yes, they’re cute but they’re also dangerous — don’t feed them!. The best bird feeders are the ones that minimize, or even entirely eliminate, this type of waste.

Non-avian bandits can clean out a bird feeder in a single day, running up your bird seed bill in the process. So, it’s very much worth your while to spend a little extra and get one of the best bird feeders from the list we’ve reviewed above. In the long run, you’ll actually save money by getting on of the best bird feeders from the beginning.

What you give to birds in the form of seed, they give back many times over. Making your yard attractive to birds, you’ll reap many rewards. For example, bird feeders are potent stress relievers, lowering your cortisol levels as you watch the birds they attract. Bird-watching is also known to lower blood pressure.

The simple joy of watching birds come to your bird feeders for just 5-10 minutes when you come home can melt away the stress of a long hard work day. Birds spark the imagination and help kids connect with nature. They give couples and families with kids a fun way to spend quality time together. When people watch birds together, they bond with each other and with the birds.

​The best bird feeders reviewed above make excellent gifts, not only as a special gift to yourself (go ahead, you deserve it), but for your friends and family too. It’s a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving every day of the year! Shop carefully and go out and enjoy the melodious birdsong of the season when you’re done!

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