Bird Watching With GoPro Cameras

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The latest trend with birdwatching is arranging a camera near the bird feeder station to capture all the bird action.

Some go with regular cameras positioned with a tripod, others make their own setup, others rely on CCTV cameras, while others go as far as mounting a post and running a cable to a feeder camera.

However, you want to record these flying creatures, be sure to have the best cameras at its most affordable price tag. There is a lot in the market that capture the best photos without breaking your budget.

Why Would You Set Up Bird Feeder Cameras?

Bird feeder cameras are becoming popular because it can be relaxing and oddly satisfying to watch birds eat. Anyone who loves birds will agree that great footage of a bird-eating is pleasing to look at.

The idea came in when we started to come in the age of technology where the camera can be pretty easy to set up. Even at the tiniest corners. Hobbyists are fond of sharing what they captured about their hobby and the easiest way to do that is through these tiny cameras.

Hobbyists can even set up a live stream or a YouTube channel just to show the world about their hobby. Take a look at the video and find out just how amusing to watch birds!

This video was taken with GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Their purpose was to record their visitors, pretty cool, right?

You can also be more creative and capture bird moments outside or away from the bird feeder. Birds, especially during a hot summer day will visit you for some dip into the fountain. You can mount your tripod near a water source and be ready for some action, like this one:

Best Bird Feeder Cameras to Use for Bird Watching


GoPro Hero8

31ji+AL8u L

GoPro Cameras are highly versatile. They are nearly unbreakable that makes them perfect for different applications including filming birds. GoPro cameras capture high-quality video and sound and are excellently made.

Here’s a sample bird watching video captured with a GoPro bird feeder cam:

Campark Trail Camera

Campark Trail Camera is the inexpensive version of GoPro. It is easy to use and can be mounted to almost anything with the strap it comes with. It is just a matter of how and where you mount it. Its motion detectors and night vision capabilities are some really valuable addition.

Here’s how a video made from Campark Trail Camera looks like:

Akaso Action Camera


Another great option to consider if you aren’t willing to pay too much is Akaso. It showcases a lot of features similar to GoPro but on a cheaper price tag. There are also some cool features that GoPro doesn’t have. However, do not expect the same build quality.

What’s important is, you get all that awesomeness into a camera that is just a fraction of the GoPro’s price. Here’s how a video from Akaso looks like:

Final Words

Bird watching is exciting and calming at the same time. With the right gears and cameras, you will be able to capture the best videos that you can share for the world to see. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Have the cameras mounted at least 12 inches from the target location where the action takes place. Placing the camera nearer may result in fuzzy images.

  • Use anti-fog inserts to avoid lens fog.

  • Shoot at 1080p at 60 fps for HD video

Got some tips for Bird Watching Photography? Feel free to share them in the comment section.


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