How to Connect Bird Box Camera to TV

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Birdwatching is becoming more and more popular lately. With technology, doing so is easier even in the comfort of your own home, on your couch, and in front of your TV.

If your place is known for birds as their sanctuary, and there are many of them nesting in your garden, it may be worth fitting a camera to your existing birdbox. Especially when these birds are already comfortable using them.

As simple as creating a small hole in the box enough for the cable to pass through plus a ready camera, then you are good to go.

Bird Box Camera Buying Guide

Birdhouse Spy Cam BCAMHEHD Hawk Eye HD Camera (Set of 1)

Birdbox technology does not limit you with just a few choices. There are several of them to choose from.

The first you have to consider is whether you should get a complete kit that includes the bird box or just the camera itself? If you have an existing birdbox, it would be easier for birds because they are already familiar with it. However, finding the right camera for it may be a little challenging.

Replacing the nest box, though, with a new one that is camera-ready may be an easier setup. But, the birds may take a while to familiarize themselves with it. Although eventually, they will. You just have to wait.

The next decision to make is to choose between a wired or wireless system. Wired systems run a cable from the camera to your TV. This cable transmits the power to the camera as well as the signal from it to your telly. Wired cameras offer the best image quality, but you will have to deal with cables in your garden.

Wireless systems are the opposite of wired. No cables are needed for transmission. And, while they still need a power supply to run, most are battery-operated, leaving you still cable-free. The images may still appear clear but could be affected by buildings, large trees, and other signal blockers.

Connecting a Bird Box Camera to TV

Depending on the type of BirdBox Camera and TV you have, connecting them may vary.

Birdhouse Spy Cam HD Backyard Backyard Birdhouse with Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam installed

For instance, there are birdbox camera kits that can connect to your wifi which in turn you can connect to your smart tv if it is connected to the same network. Not only that, but you can also only view the footage through your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Simply hook it up to the power, mount it to the nest box, connect to the WiFi network, and stream away. Note that some wireless birdbox cameras come with AV receiver. In this type, the camera communicates with the receiver, and the receiver is wired to your TV set via RCA or SCART.

The wired type usually has 2 main components: Nest box with camera and the power supply unit. It also has a long A/V cable. You can plug it to the main power supply unit into the socket, as you turn it on, plug it into the Black or Red cylindrical connector at the end of the Nest Box cable.

Turn the television on, select video in, and the transmission from the nest box should come in.

Setting Up Bird Box Camera to Connect with Laptop

Another easy way to birdwatch is through your laptop, considering they are mobile, and usually are wireless. They can easily connect with a birdbox camera kit especially if they can both go on the same wifi network.

GOLBONG Green-Backyard Birds Friendly Cedar Birdhouse, Specific Design for Bird Box Camera Watching

Most of the time, these cameras come with their own software that you can install on your laptop computer. Before anything, make sure that you test the camera with your laptop before hanging it in the post outdoors.

If you have PC and do not have webcam capture software you will need to download this from the internet. Most of the time, the manufacturer’s website should have them for you. Mac users can simply skip this part and use the PhotoBooth app instead.

Best Birdbox Cameras

The market is now getting more and more brands for birdbox cameras which can make you feel overwhelmed having to pick one. But here are our top 5 best birdbox cameras:

5. SpyCameraCCTV Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision

This bird box camera is appropriate for all standard nest boxes. You will get high resolution graphics, sharp daytime images. Not only that, but the infrared LEDs also let you watch the bird’s activity during nighttime.

4. Cedar Bird Nest Box & Colour Camera with Audio

This complete bird box camera kit is provided with a high-quality cedar birdbox that can be assembled easily and ready to go. Ideal if you don’t want squirrels and large birds since it has copper surround that deter such animals.

3. Gardenature Bird Box Camera System

Another nest box camera system that offers everything you need in one simple kit. What is interesting about this kit is how it allows you to adjust the cameras without disturbing the birds. The kit comes with a 20-metre cable to plug the camera straight into your TV and a 12V mains adaptor.

2. Green feathers Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision

A good quality nest box camera that provides lovely crisp images. Its night vision goes really well especially with the wide-angle lens that offers a 110-degree field of view. You can adjust the focus of the camera, too. Just to make sure you get the right angle and spot you want to see.

1. Green Feathers Mobile & iPad View HD Bird Box Camera Kit

Our top pick, we consider this best for those who are serious about bird watching. The best wireless bird box camera in the market, it showcases professional quality recording and is very simple to use. The camera itself is unobtrusive and easy to fit. Plus, the wide lens allows you to see more of the bird box.

Setting it up is very simple, too! These kits are designed to plug directly into a Power over Ethernet switch. Green Feathers also makes sure they have other kits available for you to use in case you don’t have an ethernet switch.

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