How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeder

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Tips to Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

Squirrels are adorable very destructive rodents that could be a nuisance to you. These mischievous rodents are notoriously known for vandalizing bird feeders and stealing food meant to keep birds in your yard or garden for a long time.

Most of the birds feed on seed grains and nuts and apparently the selection of the food for your birds is also an all-time favourite for the squirrels.

If you recently erected a bird feeder the question you ought to ask yourself is how do I keep squirrels out of my bird feeder? The squirrels feed constantly and with the presence of food in the bird feeders you risk losing the wonderful bird watching the sight.

Before things get out of hand you need to learn how to keep squirrels off the bird feeder. All you need to do is come up with ideas that will help you get rid of these pesky rodents.

Below are some tips to help you keep squirrels away from your bird feeders.

Use a Squirrel Baffle – To Keep Squirrels Away

Most stores sell squirrel baffles that are easy to install and are effective. The baffles can be made of plastic or metal and they look like a bowl and are very slippery. If you have your feeder hanging on a tree then place the baffle right above the feeder.

If you have a pole supporting the bird feeder then it is right to place the baffle beneath the feeder. When placing the baffles ensure that the concave side is facing downwards.

The baffles create a barrier which deprives the squirrels from reaching the feeder. Every attempt will always turn out to be an epic fail since the squirrels slip and fall whenever they try to climb the pole.

Though squirrels are known to be good climbers the baffles give them a challenge and most of them end up giving up the chase.

Create a Diversion – A Win-Win

Whenever winter approaches squirrels tend to be more aggressive in such for food and a bird feeder looks like a display of what they need. Since squirrels are full of vim and energy they don’t easily give up on a food source.

To avoid the tussle of regularly getting rid of the squirrels why don’t you give them an alternative food source which will create a diversion and keep your bird feeder safe and untouched.

Squirrels can go lengths to get what they want and creating a diversion could work for you. This gives you and the squirrel a win-win situation where you keep them away from the vulnerable feeder and they get food.

Use Slippery Poles – Slick Idea

Another effective way of keeping the squirrels away from the feeder is by incorporating a smooth surface for the pole. You can work with PVC or metal poles that have a slippery surface that makes it difficult for the squirrels to reach the feeder.

You can also apply vegetable oil on the pole to ensure that the squirrel loses its grip and fall.

Don’t use petroleum products since they may carry toxin chemicals that could even lead to the death of the squirrel which is not our goal. Making it difficult for the squirrel to ascend upwards will help protect and keep your bird feeder safe.

Grease the pole with vegetable oil to make it extra slippery.

Spice It Up – Hot Stuff

Birds are known to have a very week sense of taste and smell. Another effective way of keeping the squirrels away is to mix the seeds, nuts, and grains with spicy condiments such as the cayenne pepper.

The idea behind this method is to have a spicy meal for the birds which doesn’t go well for the squirrels since they have a strong sense of smell and they also have taste buds. This means that your birds will feed without facing a fierce competing for food.

Just sprinkle a small amount of cayenne pepper which will keep the squirrels away due to the strong scent and taste they have.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is another effortless way of keeping these intruders away. Always remove any spilled seeds and debris which could potentially attract the squirrel to your home. Having a tidy and kept environment will imply that the place is not a good food source for the squirrels.

You should concentrate on the area around the feeder and clean out any spilled nuts and seeds which might be spoiled and contaminated. Having the seeds at that rotten condition would make them unsafe and unhealthy to consume.

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