How to Make A Hummingbird Feeder

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2 DIY Hummingbird Feeder Ideas

In most cultures hummingbirds are mostly associated with good luck, joy, healing, and beauty. If you want to attract these birds on your yard all you have to do is make enticing hummingbird feeders. You can be creative and learn how to make a hummingbird feeder using readily available materials such as plastic or glass bottles and other materials. With the homemade items, you can come up with something unique and affordable that will always keep hummingbirds in your yard.

These birds are usually a delight to watch and you should learn how to attract them with an abundance of food. Since hummingbirds constantly like to eat it would be a great idea to come up feeders that are made of recycled material. Ensure that the materials you use are safe and friendly for the birds.

If you are a DIYer check out some wonderful homemade projects on how to make a hummingbird feeder below.

Build a Bird Feeder From a Glass Jar

Glass jars can be used to make a very effective hummingbird feeder and could help you attract them into your garden or yard. These birds are in love with the red color which should be incorporated when making their feeders. However, experts warn you to never add any red food coloring to the homemade nectar or use honey to make the nectar since it might have a huge impact on their health. A simpler way of enticing the hummingbirds is by painting the whole glass jar red and always keep it clean.

The materials you need are:-Water-Hammer -Sugar-Piece of wood-Wire-Rope-Florist wire-Small glass jar with metal lid-Red artificial flowers-Nail


Get a glass jar with a metal lid or a small opening at one end. Choose a small glass jar which will help you retain more nectar since it will be easier for the bird to reach the liquid. Ensure that you sanitize and properly clean the glass jar and lid.

Take the lid and lay it on a piece of wood facing upwards. While using the hammer and nail make relatively large holes on the lid that will easily accommodate their beaks.

In order to hang the bottle somewhere in your yard, you need to fasten the piece of wire around the neck which make work easier. As a way of attracting the hummingbirds fix artificial red flowers around the glass jar. You can use florist wire to keep the flowers intact on the outside of the glass jar.

Finally, mix water with sugar at a ratio of one glass to a quarter glass of sugar and fill the sugar water in the glass jar and close the jar with the lid. Once you are done place the wire around the neck of the jar and find a suitable place for you to hang the feeder.

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Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

In order to attract these wonderful creatures in your porch, fences or gardens ensure that you use creative ideas. By simply using the wine bottle you can make a very attractive hummingbird feeder. Below are a simple illustration and procedure on how to make a hummingbird feeder using a wine bottle.

The materials you need are:

-Hummingbird feeder tube-Warm water-Copper craft wire-Funnel-Empty wine bottle-Sugar-Wire Snips-Vegetable oil-Wooden spoon-Scrub brush-Pliers-Saucepan

Get a wine bottle and wash and dry it. Ensure that it is clean and has no wine odor since the smell can work against you. Ensure also you remove the labels with warm water which will help peel them off. If the adhesives turn to be difficult to remove use oil and a brush to scrub them off.

For placement purposes use a copper wire and tie it around the neck of the bottle. Make several coils around the bottle to ensure that it will hold the bottle in place when the birds are feeding. At the base of the bottle make a loop with the wire and twist it to close it.

Using a saucepan mix a cup of sugar with 4 cups of water and wait until the sugar dissolves. Warming the mixture ensures that the sugar dissolves completely. The solution acts as nectar which attracts the hummingbirds. Once the sugar water cools pour it with the help of a funnel and fills the wine bottle.

Finally, fix a feeder tube in the opening of the bottle and fix a stopper which should be tight and secure. Find a suitable and desirable location and hang the bottle upside- down and hopefully the hummingbirds will come right over.

The solution you fill up in the bottle should not last for more than a week since fermentation may occur which might keep them away. Clean the bottle or the container used to retain the solution once per week and also replace the solution weekly. Having this wonderful and delicate birds around creates a very good and healthy environment since they are also known to be pollinators.

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