Skinny Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Review

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Tired of Feeding the Neighbourhood Squirrels? Try the Skinny Squirrel!

If you’re fed up with spending good money on birdseed only to have the food gobbled up by greedy squirrels, then it’s time to start reading the best squirrel proof bird feeder reviews.

You’re sure to come across the Skinny Squirrel feeder

Its shiny metal design allows a variety of wild birds to feed in your yard while also keeping squirrels from devouring the seed.

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Detering Furry Thieves with the Skinny Squirrel

Squirrels love to steal bird seed, but they’re typically not willing to wear themselves out or scrape their faces in the process. If the food is hard to obtain, they’re likely to give up and stop returning to your feeder.

That’s how this best-rated squirrel proof bird feeder works. The Skinny Squirrel is constructed with two layers of wire mesh. The inner layer holds the food, and the outer layer serves to deter the squirrels.

The inner cage is woven tightly enough that sunflower seeds just fit through the holes. Creatures that can get to this layer will be able to easily nibble on the delicious sunflower seeds that are inside its storage container.

However, not every animal can get to the inner mesh; the outer cage blocks the way for big critters, such as squirrels. The openings of this cage are large enough to accommodate a songbird’s head, but they are too small for a squirrel’s head.

A backyard squirrel may try to squeeze into one of the openings, but the only thing it will get for its troubles is a sore, scraped-up face. It won’t be able to access the food that sits an inch or so back from the outer cage. Smart squirrels will eventually quit trying.

Keep in mind that, for the best success with this feeder, you need to use the right kind of bird food. Small seeds can slip through the inner mesh and land on the tray at the bottom of the feeder, which makes the food easier for squirrels to access.

If there’s often food on this tray, squirrels might not fall out of the habit of checking your bird feeder for a quick meal.

Attracting a Mix of Wild Birds to The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

If you’re a bird lover, you’ll not only want your feeder to keep squirrels away, but you’ll also want it to entice a variety of birds to visit your yard. The Skinny Squirrel is a top choice for the best squirrel proof bird feeder because it appeals to so many different birds.

Sunflower seeds are the best type of bird food to place in the Skinny Squirrel. Black oil sunflower seeds are especially well-suited to the design of the feeder.


These seeds are large enough that they won’t slip through the feeder’s interior wire, but they’re small enough that birds will have no trouble plucking them out. You can use other seeds or blends of various seeds, but it’s important to realize that small pieces may slide out of the wire cage for easier access by squirrels.

Fortunately, sunflower seeds are quite appealing to backyard birds. In fact, if you want to attract a variety of birds to your feeder, experts often recommend that you feed them sunflower seeds

The shiny metal finish of the Skinny Squirrel may help draw birds’ attention to it. In fact, some types of backyard birds are particularly attracted to shiny things. This includes blue jays and some members of the starling family.

Because this bird feeder has a wide diameter, there is space for many birds to perch at a time. Birds can sit around the bottom of the unit, or they can rest on one of the higher rungs of the outer cage.

In fact, even if a squirrel is attempting to pluck seeds from your feeder, it still won’t crowd out the birds since there’s enough space to accommodate both the birds and a foolish squirrel.

Birds that may eat from your Skinny Squirrel feeder include:

  • Cardinals.
  • Blue jays.
  • Finches.
  • Nuthatches.
  • Bluebirds.
  • Grosbeaks.
  • Robins.
  • Mockingbirds.

Essential Information about the Skinny Squirrel

Here’s what you need to know about the Skinny Squirrel before you place your order for the best-rated squirrel proof bird feeder:

  • Height: 14 inches.
  • Diameter: 10 inches.
  • Weight: 3 pounds, 4 ounces.
  • Material: 100 percent stainless steel.
  • Hanging apparatus: A hook that screws into the top of the feeder.
  • Place of manufacture: Built by hand in the United States.
  • Guarantee: 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

How to Use the Skinny Squirrel Bird Feeder


Filling the Skinny Squirrel feeder is easy. To get started, undo the screw at the top of the unit. Both the lid and the outer cage will lift off of the base. You can then pour sunflower seeds into the inner chamber of the feeder. Afterward, replace the outer cage and lid, and retighten the screw.

The included hanging hook screws into the top of the unit. You can hang it from a thin tree branch, a hook screwed into a larger branch or a bird feeder pole.

When deciding where to hang your feeder, look for a spot that is:

  • No less than 4 feet off the ground.
  • Several feet from a fence, tree trunk, or other surfaces.
  • In the shade.
  • Often frequented by birds.

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To clean the Skinny Squirrel bird feeder, wash it with a mixture of soap and water. Be sure to let the feeder dry thoroughly before refilling it with seed. If you’d like, you can occasionally touch up the bird feeder with metal polish to keep its finish bright and shiny.

Don’t let squirrels keep you from enjoying your backyard birds. Instead, listen to the best squirrel proof bird feeder reviews, and order a Skinny Squirrel Feeder. 

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